Google Chrome for android finally upgraded to 64-bit with v85. Now days already many apps running in 64-bit, though, Google Chrome was one essential app that still uses 32-bit design. now, this design is changing finally, as Chrome v85 is upgrading to a 64-bit version on mobiles running Android 10 and higher.

alt="google crome updated to 64 bit version"

AS per the Google Play Store rules, all apps required to be updated their version to 64-bit for all supported devices. Chrome v85 stable is expected to release in August 2020. However, it is exciting, but a little bit weird that a company like Google did not issue a 64-bit version earlier.

you can now easily access google meet in Gmail with a large tab

When compared to Ios, Moving to 64-bit apps on Android has been much slower. But we hope Chrome for Android moving to 64-bit surely helps us to improve the overall security and performance.


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