now declared that users can now able to host live broadcast using Messenger Rooms. At first, the Live Broadcast feature will support up to 50 users. This feature can help to host small parts, meetings, study classes.

To start a live broadcast, a user can first create a room in Messenger and broadcast it to a Profile, Page, or Group. Then the room host can request anyone to attend the broadcast, even if the user does not have an active Facebook account. The room author can control the room sharing on Facebook, who can view the broadcast, and who is invited to participate.

alt="live broadcast feature "

Google will now auto-delete your data after 18 months by default.

Once the invite is sent successfully, members will receive a notification where they will have to opt-in to join. Broadcaster can be able to add or remove members from the live broadcast at any moment can also be capable of locking/unlock a room while the broadcast is live.

Live Broadcast is rolling out today to Facebook and Messenger in some countries and is expected to expand to more countries soon.


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