Earlier this year Facebook launched a dark mode for its desktop interface, And now they want to implement it on their mobile apps too. But now not everyone has the luck to try it because It’s only available for “a small percentage of users globally right now,” according to SocialMedia Today.

Facebook introduced a dark mode as part of its desktop redesign last month. Same as their mobile app, they don’t launch dark mode on the desktop version for everyone. They still test it with limited people.

Users who got the chance to try the new dark mode on mobile tweeted screenshots of what it looks like:

t’s a bit shocking that this takes so long for Facebook to push out dark mode on mobile. Facebook already rolled out dark mode on Instagram and WhatsApp apps already, as well as Facebook Messenger. Twitter also had a night mode option for its Android and iOS apps now, and even Google also had a dark mode feature.

The dark mode enables the user to change the background color of an app instantly to fully black. This mode is popular because they make apps easier to view for some users and also creates less pressure on eyes. Dark mode versions can help protect a device’s battery life as well.

we will update you when we hear back facebook.


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