Samsung about to announce the Galaxy Note20 series next month. The phones come with new features out of the box including a more powerful processor, upgraded cameras, and displays with a high refresh rate. Until now this is ok but a report that says it will be the most expensive in the history of the series so this feature is acceptable not to be surprised.

According to a tweet by a Twitter user that goes by @Ricciolo1, the Galaxy Note20 series will be the most expensive (Galaxy) Note ever.

alt="galaxy note20 series"

There is no indication about the price from the above source, but when we look at the previous model’s price the Galaxy Note10 had a launch price of $950, the Note20 will most probably have a starting price of $999 or higher.

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The Galaxy Note20 series will showcase a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865+ processor. A report also says that the Global version will be sold outside the US and China might come with the new Samsung Exynos 992 processor which is an improved version of the Exynos 990 in the Galaxy S20 series.


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