Free fire is now the fastest-growing gaming app on the play store with 500 million+ downloads over PUBG with an editor’s choice badge. There is no doubt that free fire is the best game now, the numbers define that.

But they are facing issues with many players using many hacks like speed hack,auto aim,wall hack,No recoil hack,High damage hack,Unlimited bullet hack,Invisible hack to beat over other players

And many legit players continously reporting about this to garena.surely this make effect on garena freefire popularity.

alt="free fire ban notice"

But now, as a result, Free Fire developers have been removing a huge number of these accounts who use Free Fire hacks and cheats without any warning or prior notice due to how they drain the gaming experience for other players.

They also ban players from the specific game modes for breaking rules without any notice like clash squad ranked mode.

Besides banning hackers, they also create a dedicated anti-hack team to keep an eye on it. They also remove hack promoting materials from Youtube and Facebook.

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Free fire Anti-Hack Operations Team already permanently banned 89,600 accounts caught using prohibited scripts/ modified programs.

On a report, they said

we strive to maintain a fair gaming environment and secure solid gaming experience for all players. Cheaters caught using prohibited scripts/ modified programs are handed permanent bans.


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