A new compose button in for Android is now rolling out a tweaked compose button that does away with style introduced last year.

Now you can not find a floating action button (FAB) in the bottom-right corner of the inbox screen, which you use to compose letters. Instead, now it’s an elliptical with a new pen icon instead of the multi-colored plus sign in a circle, while “Compose” makes the function explicit.

Both objects in the button are tinted red, so matching other highlights in the application. It retracts into a simplistic circle as you scroll down while swiping up will extend it again.

It’s not cleared if Gmail on the web will follow for visible parity with this particular style matching Messages. The old plus symbol, which indicates the four colors in the Google logo, is yet present in other G Suite apps like Drive and Docs.

The composes button is live with Gmail for Android and widely rolling out now via the Play Store.


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