Google Translate dark mode released widely download apk

Google Translate Dark mode is back up again last week after disappearing in February for some unknown reason. Now come back with a better and fresher look, but only presented to a few users. Now, it is available for more people and seems as they rolled out it widely.

alt="Google Translate dark mode"

This final version of the dark mode looks excellent when we compared it to its February version. This dark mode version also comes with the same blue accent color.

At Last Google Chrome For Android updated to a 64-bit version(Opens in a new browser tab)

Most of the google translate interface has been turned to the dark side, from the various input methods (handwriting, camera, conversation) to the phrasebook, settings, and different selection and menus. Google continuously launch new features on Google. products

But the new real-time transcription mode still presents up in white notwithstanding to follow the default system theme. But You can manually change it to dark mode.

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