Google’s Phone app is soon getting a new Verified Calls feature that will reveal you with the business’s name, logo, and the reason why you are getting the call. The News first highlights on a Google support page about these features and first spotted by Android Police.

For the feature to work correctly, google needs the business providing its phone number, your phone number, and the reason for the call, straight to Google, which googles shifts to the Phone app. After google pushes the information phone app presents the invitation a Verified Call badge.

Alt="google new phone app feature"

Moreover, Google says that the feature is on by default, Google also outlines a few limitations on its support page.

The first point is that Verified Calls relies only on businesses providing information to Google. These words mean not all calls without the verified badge indicates necessarily be spam. Google also states the setting only works on the , which shows it won’t be accessible on every Android phone. It also depends on you to add your phone number to your Google account. Google says after verifying your phone number, it will delete your phone number and the reason for a call “within minutes.”


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