has gone on to become the texting app of choice for billions round the world. With numerous using it as their primary source of data exchange, it comes as no surprise that there’s a good amount of fraud news that gets propagated by the app.

Such instances aren’t rare for any social platform, but during a worldwide pandemic just like the one we are browsing immediately, misinformation could easily escalate to some extent where it becomes a matter of life and death.

 cognizant of its influence, WhatsApp has been taking active steps towards keeping these half-truths to a minimum. Here are the most important changes brought within the app that ought to go an extended way in curbing the spread of faux news.

Limitation on forwarding massage

A lack of vigilance before forwarding a received piece of data usually acts because of the spark needed for a message to travel viral. To slow that down,

WhatsApp brought a change which will affect frequently forwarded messages (messages which are forwarded quite five times).

Going forward, users are going to be ready to forward such messages just one occasion, down from the sooner limit of 5 chats directlythe corporate hopes that this may discourage blind forwarding at a much bigger scale. Theoretically, users can still forward the message to more people, just that the method won’t be as straightforward as before.

As always, messages that aren’t original will still have a “forwarded” tag to remind users.

It is a well-rounded offering that’s easy to use and brings tons of accurate information to your fingertips. an identical chatbot is additionally offered by the planet Health Organisation, which shows a more global perspective at the present scenario, alongside research breakthroughs and updates on how far we’ve come to handling the virus.

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Verifying authenticity in the app

WhatsApp is additionally looking to teach users and encourage them to try to do a check on the knowledge received because of the first line of defense.

A feature that’s expected to be unrolled soon will let users search for information around a specific message from within the app at the press of a button. consistent with WABetaInfo, the power to “Search message on Web” will are available the upcoming 2.20.94 beta build initially.

Frequently forwarded messages will have an choice to search information, where a Google window will crop up , to verify the knowledge quickly.

Other social media apps like YouTube and Facebook’s Instagram are actively performing on thwarting the spread of Coronavirus-related stories on their feeds.

However, that isn’t really possible on WhatsApp because the messaging app is end-to-end encrypted. Consequently, texts can’t be viewed by anyone else (including WhatsApp or a third-party fact-checking institute). So while it theoretically offers a better level of privacy, content moderation is next to impossible.

In special times like these, all users must be proactive in sharing the proper knowledge and nipping misinformation within the bud. If you ever spot a message that doesn’t seem right, leave of your thanks to educating the sender. The fight is additionally against misinformation and panic, which may affect tons of more people than the virus itself.

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