gaming phone Pro now comes with the industry’s first dual X-axis linear motor.

Gaming Phone Pro Dual X-axis Linear Motor Features

  • 4D vibration tells you what is truly immersive
  • 1.8Gp x 2 vibration
  • 15ms start and stop time
  • 140+ Bionic tactile feedback
  • 160% increase in vibration

Chen Jin, general manager of Lenovo’s mobile phone business department in China, said that Android’s support for linear motors, especially dual linear motors, is not good enough, and we have set up more scenarios and more realistic game scenarios ourselves from the bottom layer. This way we pay a lot of time and effort, these are also under the iceberg people may not see.

One of my favorite innovations is the first dual X-axis linear motor in the industry, and both of them are the top versions in the industry! (This cost is not cheap). It is not easy to arrange these two guys in a symmetrical position on a 5G mobile phone that is very tested for stacking skills. Haha, we finally made it! Then, everyone will look forward to the various effects of the Legion on your hands.

Under the preliminary science popularization of the ultrasonic button, the advantages: fast response, can support 20 levels of force adjustment, you can choose the most suitable trigger force according to your hand feeling, unlike the capacitive button, it is easy to make mistakes, with the dual X-axis linear motor, we even simulate the gun button and the feel of the trigger… The disadvantages of the ultrasonic button: many times more expensive than the capacitive button, the adjustment and stacking work is very heavy.

– Chen Jin, General Manager of Lenovo China Mobile Business Department

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Pro additionally highlight 90W Super Flash Charge out of the box. And implemented with a Twin Turbo power system, which able to manage both speedy flash charge and a big battery.

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As of the official introduction, the Lenovo Gaming Mobile Pro’s battery capability is 5000mAh, which can be charged up fully in just 30 minutes using a hybrid power flash charging design, comes with 16 layers of security rendering more stability and reliability.


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