Instagram live is a very popular way to connect with superstars, family friends, or favorite person, and as we are stuck now in this corona pandemic situation. Instagram has quickly become the place where people conduct activities with others.

Many creators and superstars useing insatgram live to entertain their fans

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One of the most significant issues with is that once you finish the live stream, you can only share it with your Instagram story. It means your live sessions are alone live for another 24 hours in the story then gone forever.

But the good news is Instagram now fixing that.

The company now announced in a tweet that people now able to save their Instagram Live on Igtv.

People now can watch the live anytime if they want to; without having the 24-hour time limit that stories

 It should also help IGTV get more users. The platform hasn’t quite taken off the way Instagram probably imagined it would, but adding archived live streams into IGTV might just get more people opening that particular section of the Instagram. app


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