The highly awaited isn’t scheduled to debut until a week from now but the latest video from famous YouTuber MKBHD presents us the first official appearance at the design of the Nord alongside much other remarkable news.

The conversation with OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei reveals us the upcoming OnePlus Buds TWS earphones in an eye-catching blue colour which carl Pei is wearing in the interview. Pei also presents the fascinating Nord prototype with three L-shaped cameras.

alt="oneplus nord"
alt="OnePlus Buds and Nord prototypes"

OnePlus Buds and Nord prototypes

We also get to know about the BOM (bill of materials) charges associated for parts like NFC, IP rating, display and battery. NFC also adds $4 to the BOM cost while securing an IP rating comes out to $15 due to the valuable machinery applied to manage these tests.

Pei exposes that OnePlus waited for a long time to re-enter in the midrange division as the company assumed that the chipsets in the segment (the Snapdragon 765G) can offer a similar experience to the flagship 8-series SoCs. Check out the full video below.


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