People are scammed by Fake , Amazon Clones

Online shopping is now the part of our life.In the covid19 pandemic online shopping is safest way to avoid crowds.While company like amazon, do their best. But scammers are ready to exploit everything.

Many fake Flipkart and Amazon India clone websites have started showing similar ads on social media to attract the visitor. Sometimes you also notice this type of ads when you scroll Facebook.

As you can see on the screenshot, this ad claims to sell iPhone 11 for Rs. 4,999. That already indicates that this isn’t a legit website. But some people aren’t able to catch the scam click on their website.

Also, to fool consumers that the ad actually from Flipkart, the URL of the website below the ad is ‘’, and the name says ‘Flipkart Sales’.At first look, one might not notice that it wasn’t the real Flipkart. The URLs redirect to a fake clone Flipkart website, finished with the ‘Explore Plus’ badge under the site logo.

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The main goal of these websites was to steal your personal information and payment detail so double-check everything before submitting any information.

How to Stay Safe from Such Scams

Most frequently, scams like these show up as ads on Facebook or sometimes spam your inbox with this. You can avoid them by using your common sense. when you purchase a product from an ad link or online site who asks for personal detail or payment information check site URL and every function.

Clone of fake websites have difficulties such as they look different, functions not work properly, etc.

But, sometimes scammers try to use popular websites subdomain to trick you. The URL like “”.

That’s not the Amazon India website.

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Same rules apply to emails. Nowadays thousands of spam email push to our inboxes. So always check the sender email before using in mail link or purchase anything.

if you guys ever trapped on a similar scam or find websites like this please report them and please share your experience with us. Furthermore, never disclose your personal information, or make a payment on such websites.

Stay home Stay safe,

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