A report by Counterpoint Research said that Huawei had excelled as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer for the first time although their shipments declined after us ban. The data is from April 2020 this year.

Samsung had a slowdown on their business due to the coronavirus outbreak. The company heavily relies on India, the USA, Latin America and Europe markets. As all the physical stores remain close due to corona outbreak and the steady decline in smartphone demand.

Samsung has suffered quite a bit also with its competitors continuously new launches comparatively at a lower price. In April 2020, the Korean tech giant Samsung had a 17% market share while Huawei scored 19%.

The main reason behind the fall back of Samsung because in April, the Chinese market was recovering from the corona outbreak and after all Huawei doing great in their home country. Even after all the difficulties the company had to overcome, the Chinese customers were driving Huawei sales a boost, although in other markets where Huawei is suffering due to the lack of Google Mobile Services.

This also indicates that Samsung will likely increase and regain its position in the following months after the lockdowns over in India and United. states.