After June 29 notice from the Indian government of banning 58 Chinese apps, TikTok has now altogether quit working in India. , the app was wholly delisted from Google Play, App Store, Realme app market both soon after the notice published. However, TikTok continued to work for almost 12 hours for those who had it previously installed TikTok on their phone.

alt="tiktok network connection error notice"

Many users think that government only ban TikTok from google play or other app stores so can anyone not able to download it or update it anymore.

Now, the TikTok app has completely closed running on all devices, including the desktop website. When an existing user open TikTok then a user notice is displayed inside the app to inform users about the ban also showing a network connection error notice to the user.

The app now stops loading new recommended videos. Now user not able to upload new videos to his account. In the user account section showing everything in zero. The block appears to be done by the TikTok authority to comply with the government rule.

Now use Alexa to browse music on Spotify

Google will now auto-delete your data after 18 months by default

On their website, TikTok leaves a message informing users about the ban, and notes that the developers are “working with the government to understand the issue better and explore a course of action”.


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