now get QR code to chat without saving a number

has become more popular for brands and customers to reach out to each other quickly. They are taking two new features in Whatsapp business. Now you can immediately start a chat with QR codes and the ability for companies to share their catalogues easily. Also Read: Samsung India now assist customers with live chat on WhatsApp

Before this feature when we starting a chat with business, clients would need to save a business’s WhatsApp number to their contacts every time, which is very time-wasting work. Now WhatsApp is offering the feature for businesses to display a QR code, which can be scanned by the customer to initiate a chat.

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This is a handy feature because now businesses don’t need to give their number anymore. This QR code can be displayed on the storefront, banner, or Printed on product packaging.

The next feature that Whatsapp introduces is now businesses can share Catalogs easily via links. They can now share catalogues with clients in links format on websites, Facebook, Instagram, or massage.

WhatsApp user could soon chat in Facebook messenger without an account

This feature can be accessible from today for Whatsapp for business app user

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