is continuously adding new features and updates from the start of 2020. And now they add a much needed and essential element which can help users to fact check and expose often forwarded messages.

The new search feature has been implemented today (4th August 2020) officially published thin news on the WhatsApp blog. This option will appear beside the viral forwarded message, and the user can check the authenticity of the forwarded message from or from google by clicking on the search option.

The icon only visible when the massage forwarded more than five people. With this feature, the user can immediately fact check the authenticity of the message before sharing with more people. This can reduce the forwarding of fake and spammy news.

During a hard time, false or misleading information is as infectious as the corona, which frequently increasing. As WhatsApp massages protected by end to end encryption, Facebook can’t directly check massages. This new feature surely helps them to reduce chatbox spamming.

Samsung India now assist customers with live chat on WhatsApp

We highly appreciate these steps and expect soon most people use it before forwarding any information. Misleading information is dangerous as a bomb.


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