With Apple going fully-exclusive with USB-C on its laptops, it means in theory, you’ll just about charge the laptop on any side of the device and use any port. However, during a post on StackExchange, it seems that if you are doing own a MacBook laptop, you would possibly want to think about shifting your charging to the proper side of the laptop.

This is because consistent with some users, they need noticed that once they charge their laptops on the left side of the pc , it may result within the laptop getting warmer due to a higher CPU usage. This is because when charging on the left side of the laptop while you’ve got accessories plugged in will cause a process called kernel_task to launch.

This will also cause the fans to start out spinning at higher RPMs and also see CPU usage go up, while also causing the laptop to urge hotter thanks to all the processing going on. This can be easily resolved by shifting your charging cable to the proper side of the laptop, which apparently resolves the difficulty .

We’re unsure if this is often intentional, but if you are doing have a MacBook and have accessories plugged in, then consider shifting the charger to the proper side if you want to enhance on its performance while maintaining lower CPU usage (this will obviously vary depending what you’re doing).



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