Not only smartphone Xiaomi aimed to cover all the smart gadgets market even the toilets. Yes, you heard it right Xiaomi has officially launched the Little Whale Wash Antibacterial Smart Toilet in china.

This unique toilet comes in two models but we are not sure. These toilets are designed to work without a water tank, siphon. The funny thing is that the device is IPX4 waterproof. Packed with an antibacterial seat ring

alt="Xiaomi Little Whale Wash Antibacterial Smart Toilet"
Xiaomi Little Whale Wash Antibacterial Smart Toilet

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Now talk about technology this toilet supports foot touch flushing as well as automatic flashing when users leave the seat for 5 seconds. These toilets comes with seat heating and soft night light. You can heat up and adjust it if you are feeling cold.

Some more unique functions of these toilets are hip washing, bidet washing, warm air drying, wide massage washing, spray bar self-cleaning, water purification filtration, wireless remote control, and smart digital display.