You can now use a mirrorless camera as a webcam using a USB cable. The new beta version of its Lumix Tether app (via the verge). Using a mirrorless camera should make you look significantly sharper on video calls, as most of the webcam doesn’t have sharp video quality especially compared to a mirrorless camera.

 Panasonic is releasing software which you can use to convert your mirrorless camera to a webcam without the need for a video capture device. Lumix Tether for Streaming enables webcam functionality for the popular GH5 and GH5S model as well as the G9 and S1 series via USB.

Here’s a video showing how to set it up:

The latest version of this application works only on Windows, but. Panasonic states that it can be fitted with its DC-GH5, DC-G9, DC-GH5S, DC-S1, DC-S1R, and DC-S1H cameras.

Canon’s also have similar app works on both Mac and Windows, while Fujifilm’s is Windows-only. If you want to use your Sony or Nikon camera as a webcam, though, you can’t do so just with a USB cable — you’ll need to have some additional hardware. Here’s our guide on how to set up a DSLR or mirrorless camera as your webcam


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