Sometimes you want to block youtube on your Chromebook during your work time so you never get distracted from your work Or if your kids use the Chromebook they will probably watch videos on Youtube that you don’t want them to watch. In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to block youtube on Chromebook so that your kids can stay safe and you can concentrate on your work.

They are various method to block Youtube on Chromebook but the method is to use an extension to do that. If you use an extension you can set the time when to block Youtube and when to not with a time tracker. You can’t always monitor your kids, with its feature you can set the timer not block Youtube when your kids are not studying and want some entertainment.


How to block youtube on Chromebook

Using an Extension to block YouTube

An extension is something like an application available on Chrome Web Store you can install on your Google Chrome web launcher. Every extension comes with different functionality and in this case, we are looking for an extension that will block websites like Youtube.

1.First step go to Chrome web store to download an extension that will help you block websites.

2.Now that you are at the Chrome web store type BLOCK WEBSITES, WEBSITE BLOCKER, or other words similar to that to find the extension. You will see a list of application that you can download and install on your Chromebook.

Screenshot 110 edited

3.You will take a look at the different types of extension and choose that best fits you or you can download it from my link.

Screenshot 111

4.Now click on add to chrome option and wait for the download and installation to be finished. Now your site blocker extension is ready to block any site.

Screenshot 112

5.Click on 3 dots at the top right corner and open settings and check for extension link and check that your extension installed or not.

Screenshot 113

6.Settings depends on the extension you download. But in most cases, it’s easy to navigate. Just type the Youtube home page on the given field which is and any link from Youtube will be completely blocked. You can Simply unblock the site when you want your child or any other to access Youtube again if you don’t want to block Youtube on Chromebook for the time.

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You can use this site blocker to block any site just put the URL of the site in the blocker and this extension do rest of the work.

how to block youtube on Chromebook without extensions

We really find it hard for some technique on how to block youtube on Chromebook without extension but didn’t find anything for a normal user. Most of them are for developers or advanced level user.

But you can block adult and malicious sites away from your child using Google Chrome safe search.

1.First open chrome go to

2.In the bottom right corner click on settings,then click on search settings

3.Now turn on Safe Search,This process will filter Google web search results for adult or explicit content.

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So if you are a normal user you can go with extension.You will find different types of extension in the chrome web store that didn’t charge you single penny.I recommend you to go with the extension that i provide you in the link.I tested many extension but this one seems like best.And its free version done the job for you easily.

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