If you work from home, or your child goes to school online, it can be difficult to optimize your home workstation. Technical glitches, poor furniture, and stress can all contribute to an ineffective workspace. To get the most out of working at home, or supporting a child with their online school environment, consider these questions and solutions. 


Work From Home Technical Solutions 

Technology can bring our productivity to new heights, or hinder our ability to conduct our job. If you work from home, you may resonate with the questions below. 

What Internet Speed Do I Need?

Your home network requirements will greatly depend on your personal needs. If you have multiple users on the internet at once or smart devices in your home, your needs will be different than if you are the only one on the network with just a laptop. Likewise, if you rely on a quality network for streaming, video calling, and downloading files at work, your internet speed requirements will be higher than casual email users.

Are you still wondering what internet speed do I need? If so, consider this simple guide:

  • Limited internet needs for browsing and one or two devices: 25 mbps
  • Medium internet needs for gaming, streaming and browsing with several devices: 50–100 mbps
  • High internet usage, multiple devices, large file uploads and quality streaming: 150–300 mbps

What Technology Can Support Working at Home?

Using technology accessories can enhance your work from home experience. Consider wireless, Bluetooth-connected devices such as keyboards and mice. For a peaceful working experience, noise-canceling headphones may be a worthy investment. 

Work From Home Health and Wellness Solutions

It is important to take care of our physical and mental health while at work. Just because you are at home does not mean there isn’t inherent physical and mental stress associated with work. 

What is Ergonomic Furniture?

Ergonomic furniture and technology is designed to work with the body’s natural movements and anatomical needs. It works to support the body and reduce strain, tension, and pain that may be caused by computer screens, poor angles, low support chairs or other work equipment. To take care of your body at work, invest some time in understanding ergonomics and find solutions that work for your needs. 

What are Solutions for Physical Health at Work?

In addition to using ergonomic furniture or tech, it is important to take care of your body through exercise and movement. A stationary lifestyle can hinder mental and physical well-being. Make sure you stretch, take walks, and get up and move during work hours. 

How Can I Support Mental Health While Working From Home? 

Support your mental health during work hours by taking short breaks to drink water, move your body, and refocus your thoughts. Consider decorating your workspace with encouraging photos, posters, or decor. If you thrive off of in-person interactions, be sure to stay connected to your co-workers and make time for friends and family after work. Also, identify your boundaries when it comes to work/life balance and know when it is time to close the laptop at the end of the workday. 

See the Results

By taking care of your physical well-being and supplementing your home office or workstation with the technical equipment you need, you can enjoy working or learning from home. These same basic principles apply whether you’re working your corporate job, studying for college, or taking school online. 

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