A conventional slideshow presentation may not always meet the requirements of a presenter. There will be times when viewers need a bit of flair in the presentation to effectively grasp the intended idea.

Slideshow videos are ideal for any business presentation, but it is also a wonderful way to share your favorite events such as Christmas memories, birthday moments, etc. with your closest friends and family. 

One significant benefit of utilizing a video slideshow is that it is very configurable, allowing you to include music as well as images in your presentation. All of this is entirely achievable with a simple and free slideshow maker like InVideo.

It is a cloud-based online video editing platform that comes integrated with extensive capabilities. The platform is easy to use and hosts an entire video creation environment right within your browser window! 

Once you access InVideo’s website, you’ll be surprised to find so much functionality from a seemingly simple-looking platform. Whatever your video creation requirements may be, it is certain that InVideo has you covered.

So, how can you build an excellent video presentation using a seemingly simple slideshow maker like InVideo? In this post, we will have a brief overview of all the steps that go into creating a perfect slideshow video using the InVideo platform.


Steps to Create Slideshow Videos Using InVideo

The days of using clunky software to create slideshow videos are long gone, all thanks to technological improvements. Platforms like InVideo have enabled an era of creative goodness that can be leveraged by almost anyone. 

It really doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or an expert slideshow video creator, as InVideo’s intuitive interface makes every operation a breeze. All you need to do is have some images handy to include on your slideshow video and InVideo takes care of everything else. 

Here is a brief guide to assist you in crafting a quality slideshow using the InVideo platform.

1. Sign-in to the InVideo Platform

The first step is to sign in and get access to InVideo. It is a free program that will help you in creating a full video slideshow. It’s a free slideshow creator. You will have access to all editing tools and features even in the free version.

You will also be given over 100 pre-existing templates, to begin with. This is very impressive for a free version of the program. Moreover, you can choose any of the templates that best suits your slideshow video’s theme.

Whether it is a birthday slideshow, a festive slideshow, or just a touching video with your favorite images, InVideo has something for every requirement.

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2. Choose the Images to Include in your Slideshow

After you’ve logged into the program, you’ll need to assemble a collection of images to use in making your video presentation. You should have at least 30 photos that you may use in the slideshow.

The selection of images is very important since your whole presentation will be based on them. A good collection of images will bring you to success, while a bad group of pictures will lead you to failure.

Furthermore, the sequence in which you enter the images into the program is very important. You don’t want the image representing the presentation’s peak to appear before the rest of the images.

3. Select and Customize the Audio for your Slideshow

A solid selection of music is critical for a successful video slideshow presentation. This music would play in the background accompanying the slideshow. Although it has no direct impact on the presentation, it establishes the tone and unconsciously influences the audience’s mood.

You’ve probably observed that in well-thought-out movies, the background music is always in rhythm with the order of events.

A climax moment would always have background music that would create an adrenaline surge, while the closing scenes would typically have music that is soothing and calming.

As a result, one of the most essential elements of a slideshow presentation is background music, which establishes the tone of the presentation.

4. Edit the Slides

After you’ve chosen the background music, you must select how you want to edit the slides and video. One of the most important elements of creating a video slideshow is editing.

In general, you must be well trained to edit pictures, movies, and music. However, slideshow creators such as InVideo make it very simple to produce and edit pictures, movies, and music, even for amateurs and novices in video editing.

As a result, InVideo will help you in editing movies and music, such as cutting music and changing the lighting, brightness, and sharpness of images. It will also assist you in adding different types of visuals to make your video slideshow much more appealing.

5. Culminate all the Slideshow Elements Together

Once everything has been completed, such as picture selection, photo editing, music selection for the backdrop, and so on, the job at hand is to put it all together.

This is typically the most difficult aspect of the job, but with the assistance of simple slideshow makers and video slideshow producers like InVideo, anybody can accomplish it.

As a result, once you are done, you’ll have the most effective video slideshow ready.


Making high-quality, effective video presentations has never been easier thanks to InVideo. Previously, you would have had to pay a professional or learn all the intricacies that go into creating slideshows by using clunky pieces of software.

Those days, however, are long gone. Today, with the assistance of InVideo, anybody can easily create such high-quality video slideshows and succeed in your professional presentation or dazzling your friends and family.

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