Are you an article writer? Blogger? Ghost Writer? If you have your hands in any online/freelance content writing field, you may know that it is crucial to have tons of articles out there to assure – grabbing the targeted traffic to your sites.

It could become a pretty stressful job for some, who possibly do not have the time to follow up with their work.

Therefore, many e-article writers attempt to use shortcuts to provide them with the benefit. Well, some even propose to utilize article rewriter tools to help them.

For such people using tools, many people would recommend against it. Further, they even advise rephrasing your stuff manually to maintain its original flavor.

If you also get stuck up between the same thing, we suggest you read on!


Online Content Rewriting Vs. Manual Content Rewriting!

We have seen many online writers shouting “WORKLOAD” and craving help! And that is the reason why such people try to use online rewriter software to save their time. On the other hand, newbies who are also a part don’t have much experience in the writing field and wish for a rapid kickstart. They also utilize online word spinner tools. Rephrasing refers to changing the original version of textual data to a unique version without disturbing the concept.

The exciting thing is both – tools and manual rephrasing work on the same means. Yet, some points make them different from each other. So, why do people advise against it? Let’s clear this concept by discussing manual content rephrasing and online content rephrasing right away!

●       Manual Rewriting

The rewrite tool techniques sound interesting, but the people who warn against them are accurate. Sometimes, we found our content rephrased by a paraphrasing tool on someone’s website. They grab our content using their paid/free software and pretend it is theirs – BRAVO, isn’t it? A study has proven that tools can spin your entire text without changing the original concept. But it eliminates the readability score and affects its quality.

Manual rephrasing is a time-consuming yet recommended means.

It helps you spark your ideas, brainstorming powers and boost the thinking time. You can get to be a better writer the more you rephrase manually. Just read the content you wish to spin, understand its concept, and start rewriting.

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●       Online Rewriting Tools

Now, it is time to discuss modern technology urging many people to utilize them. In the context of rewriting, these tools work well in many ways. They use AI technology or the abilities of humans. We are not saying every rewriter tool is best and works perfectly for you. Yet, some digital writing programs will assist you in getting your claws across in a simple-to-read, understandable way. Unfortunately, many online sentence rephraser tools spin the entire content by adding hard-to-read synonyms and make it stretchy. We suggest you follow the below-listed tips while using article rewriter tools.

Manual Vs. Online Rewriting: Tips to Follow While Using Online Rewriter Tools!

Everything has a secret substitute. The process of online rewriting holds that too! Whenever it gets to using online tools, we suggest you consider the following things to keep the quality of your content intact.

  • Test by dropping a paragraph: When you decide to utilize a tool, test it! Try to use it as a trial by dropping your content and para/sentence in the given bar and notice how well it gets spun.
  • Notice the synonyms: Once your content gets out of the box in a unique version, look for the synonym’s ease of readability! If you feel that the added terms make your text stretchy or hard to read, remove it.
  • Run the output through a plagiarism checker: It is time to assure the content’s originality. Notice whether or not the tool has removed the plagiarism from top-to-toe.

Best Article Rewriting Tools that won’t let you down!

We assure you that the tools we have mentioned below get tried and tested and offer you the best user experience. Once you drop your anyone’s content in the input bar, the system will place it into appealing, soothing, and publish-worthy content. These article rewriter tools will help you repair your sentences, adding missing words, and simplifying what you were attempting to speak. Take a look at the top names!

1.     SmallSEOTools

Here enters one of the most luxurious and fantastic article rewriter tools in the roundup. SmallSeoTools is offering the best and free paraphrasing tool, serving billions of users worldwide. This free article spinner utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) plus natural language processing (NLP) technology to rephrase textual data online. The best thing is it is easy to use. You have to drag and drop your text. And it will rewrite the content as a mortal writer but much quicker.

2.     QuillBot

If you wish for the best free article spinner, QuillBot might be the ideal choice. It gives free and pro aids to users. It gets referred to as a spinner, paragraph, and sentence changer tool.

3.     Chimp Rewriter

If you are looking to hunt for the downloadable or PC-based article rewriter, Chimp Rewriter is here for you. It could spin and rephrase a sentence or whole section in a moment while preserving the original meaning.

End Words!

Rewriting articles is a time-consuming and cumbersome process – if you are doing it manually. Well, manual rewriting is super best for making your content values intact. But, it can be a real neck pain in these fast settings. It is usually easy to catch the shortcut but not relying on them as a whole. So we recommend that you pick the best article rewriter tool and follow the mentioned tips to produce many articles instantly. And then manually proofread those articles to combine the human feeling to avoid Google penalties. If you have the time and skills to manually rephrase an article then you should surely go for it but if you want digital help then go for online tools!

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