We provide you laser engraving machines for metal with CNC. The price of equipment in our catalog is 30-50% lower than the market average – we work directly with the manufacturer and form unique offers for desktop laser-engraving machines RW and RDRW, fiber-optic series, and high-performance laser cutting complexes. To avail more information on how to purchase our laser marking systems, please check out Macchina incisione laser prezzo.


Using the Multitex technique for metal processing, you will receive:

  • Metal engraver (drawing)
  • Perfectly accurate, neat cut;
  • High level of detail;
  • Fast production of goods;
  • Extensive processing possibilities;
  • Minimal waste of material;
  • Reduction of production costs.

The intuitive interface and software support MoshiDraw, PhotoShop, Newlyseal, CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Newlydraw will allow the operator to quickly master the controls and system settings. The equipment will easily fit into the existing infrastructure and fully replace the laser cutter and engraver. With an air compressor that effectively cools the unit, the continuous duty cycle and productivity will increase.


Our company sells original Multitex equipment directly from the manufacturer. Unlike online retail stores, we offer reasonable prices, fast delivery of any model from the catalog, as well as quarterly service and detailed Skype advice on any technical issues related to the operation of the purchased machines. Our clients can order:

  • Installation, connection, commissioning;
  • Detailed instructions for operators;
  • Scheduled maintenance;
  • Comprehensive service support.

We offer a comfortable and profitable format of cooperation.

Granite Engraving Machine

We offer you equipment for processing natural stone. If you are looking for a reliable and practical granite engraving machine, contact our network representative or check out the range in the online catalog. We sell original laser instruments. CNC technology has extensive production capabilities and a number of important advantages:

Stone engravers

  • Positioning accuracy 0.01-0.025 mm. This provides a high degree of detail;
  • Laser tube capacity up to 10,000 hours. Even under intense loads, the devices serve for a long time and stably;
  • Universal software compatibility. For work, you can use newlyseal, coreldraw, autocad, photoshop and other graphic editors;
  • Long working cycle. Effective cooling by an air compressor allows for long working hours without interruption;
  • Low power consumption. Multitex machine is profitable, economical and unpretentious.

Numerical control allows processing natural and artificial stone, basalt, granite, marble. Laser engraving reduces the risk of damage to the mineral structure and reduces waste. Unlike manual processing, where the human factor plays a key role, the application of texts and images with a laser occurs automatically and ensures exceptional quality and correspondence of the result to the layout.

We offer laser machines directly from the manufacturer. We will carefully study your work tasks, recommend the appropriate model, arrange delivery and provide detailed instructions for operators for an easy start. If you wish to read about Asterisk War Season 3, please click here.

By purchasing equipment from us, you will receive;

  • Exclusive price offer – 30-50% more profitable than competitors;
  • Official factory warranty and comprehensive service support;
  • Quarterly maintenance by our company engineers;
  • Fast delivery of equipment through a network of regional offices.

The catalog contains a detailed description of each engraver with specifications and optional features. If necessary, you can order the installation and commissioning.

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