The development of social media today seems to be one of the basic needs that must be met every day, one of which is Instagram. For those who are actively creating content in the form of images or videos, for at least a day, there will be one content uploaded through their Instagram account to fulfill their own satisfaction, get free Instagram followers, or care about followers’ interest in the Instagram feed.

If followers’ interest is one of your concerns in creating Instagram content, it means that you have to prepare a unique and attractive Instagram feed display.

For those of you who want to be active in making your Instagram feed look attractive, there are a number of tips that can make your feed look unique and attractive so that it can increase the number of followers with a chance to reel in Instagram 5000 reels views free.

Determining the Theme of Choice According to Your Persona

Before trying an app like Followers Gallery, it is important for you to create a theme according to your niche and personality to get attention. Not only will you attract followers, but you will be known as a unique content creator with a specific theme or brand identity that will be offered.

To make it easier to determine the theme, here are recommendations for the description of the themes you can choose from:

  • Checkerboard is a type of theme that can also be called tiles by making your Instagram feed look like a checkerboard or chessboard.
  • Minimalist is a great choice for users with a simple, clean, tidy, and minimalist style. Where, how to apply it by increasing the whitespace on the Instagram feed so that it presents a calming effect.
  • Black and White are suitable for users who want to display a classic and classy impression that is thick with a timeless design to obtain free Instagram followers.
  • Vintage is suitable for users who want to have an old-school-themed Instagram feed by emphasizing warm colors so that it gives an antique and elegant impression.
  • Horizontal Lines can be an option for users who want to take advantage of the rule of three horizontal lines on the Instagram feed to publish three color photos or with the same filter.

Utilizing Filters For A Stunning Look

One of the things that can’t be separated from Instagram feeds is filters as a feature with the ability to improve the aesthetics of the design and make the feed look cohesive as well as consistent.

Basically, Instagram itself provides a variety of default filter options that can be used as desired, but if it doesn’t meet your needs, then the Instagram editor application can be an option. There are a number of editor applications to choose from, as follows:

  • VSCO is an editor application that provides a large collection of filters and also allows users to create their own filters and save them for one-time use.
  • Foodie is an editor application that is suitable for users who display food or culinary Instagram feeds. Where this editor application is equipped with dozens of filters and smart guide features to help users get optimal angles and lighting, it’s also a good option for obtaining Instagram 5000 reels views free as well.
  • Snapseed can be an option with 29 filters and tools provided to improve the appearance of Instagram feeds. This editor application also has a custom filter feature so you can create your own filters to save and use one time.
  • A Color Story provides hundreds of filters and effects to design your feed so that it looks stylish and classy. Coupled with the IG planning feature and custom filters in maintaining the consistency of the Instagram feed.

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And those are a few tips you can try to make your feeds look more professional but also beautiful at the same time. The way to optimize feeds is basically similar to optimizing your own Instagram account. So, rather than using the simple solution as an answer to how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes, keep your feeds look professional and ensure the content is always entertaining.

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