As we move deeper into the digital era, creating mobile apps is becoming more and more popular. In 2024, developers have many options for choosing the best programming language to make creative and effective mobile apps. To make this choice easier, we have put together a list of the Top Coding Languages for Mobile App Development in 2024 that are making a big impact on mobile app development this year.


Kotlin: The Rising Star of Android Development

Android lovers often prefer to have Kotlin as their favorite language. Google officially recognizes Kotlin as a language for Android development. It is quite popular because it is concise and usually works well with other languages. Developers like it because it helps them work more efficiently.

Swift: The Apple Maestro

Swift is the programming language which is used by Apple. It is still a top choice for making apps for iOS. It is generally known for being fast, safe, and easy to understand. Swift will help developers to make strong apps for all the different Apple devices.

React Native: Facebook’s Versatile Framework

React Native is still a popular choice for developers who want to make apps that will work on different platforms. It usually uses JavaScript to make apps that look and feel like they were made for each platform. This will save time and effort because developers will only need to write one set of code.

Python: Beyond Web, Into Mobile

Python is a flexible language that you can also use to make mobile apps. Using frameworks like Kivy and BeeWare, developers can use Python’s easy-to-understand code to create apps that work on both iOS and Android.

Flutter/Dart: Unifying UI for Cross-Platform Brilliance

Flutter, which uses Dart, is a great option for making apps that will work on different platforms. It has a feature called hot reload which will show developers their changes right away. This will make it easy to create apps with nice, fast user interfaces for both iOS and Android.

Java: The Stalwart for Android Development

Nowadays Kotlin is becoming more popular but Java is still very important for Android development. It is stable and has a huge community that supports it. Also, it has many libraries available. This will make Java a good choice for developers who want to make Android apps that are reliable and can grow easily.

JavaScript (Node.js): A Force in Backend Development

JavaScript is not just used for making websites look good. With Node.js, developers can now use JavaScript to work on the server side too. This simply means that they can use JavaScript for both the parts of a website that users will see and the parts that work behind the scenes. It will make things easier and more efficient because developers can use the same language for everything.

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Objective-C: The Legacy Continues

Swift is the main language for making iOS apps, but Objective-C is still important. Many older projects and codebases use Objective-C which is showing that it is still useful and relevant in Apple’s app development world.

C#: The Microsoft Touch for Cross-Platform Development

C# has become more popular because of Xamarin which is a framework that lets developers use C# to make apps that work on different platforms. Since it is supported by Microsoft, C# is a strong and familiar choice for making mobile apps with lots of features.


PHP is a language that is used on the server side of websites. It is used for a big part of the web and is often used with frameworks like Laravel and Symfony. Although it is mostly used for making websites, PHP can also be used to build web-based applications.

Go (Golang): Streamlined and Efficient

Go is also known as Golang and it is loved for being easy to use and efficient. As mobile app development moves towards using microservices and serverless setups, Go is becoming a popular choice for making the backend services that will support mobile apps scale properly.


Rust is not only used for low-level programming but it is also becoming popular for making mobile apps that are secure and fast. Rust is known for being safe, handling many things at once, and being fast when it comes to low-level programming.

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