Valorant is a game with everything you might expect in a first-person shooter game. One thing to commend is that players can combine different skills and abilities to win their objectives. So, even if you’re a beginner and struggling to play better, you can leverage the skills of your teammates a bit until you catch up. 

That’s not to say you can’t play better from the start. All you need is to combine valorant cheats for PC and our result-oriented tips from pro players. With such tools at your disposal, playing this challenging game will become easier. 

So, if you’re ready to hit the ground running, check our tips below. 


Beginners’ tips to play Valorant better. 

  • Start with a beginner-friendly agent 

Valorant has up to 15 agents and while you might be tempted to choose randomly, try not to do it. Some of these Agents are easy to understand and play, while some are complicated. You can even try playing them during practice to aid your decision. 

However, if you want to jump right in with a beginner–friendly agent, try Sova and Sage. These two won’t give a beginner headache, and their abilities are easy to use. For instance, Sage has an unmatched Resurrection ultimate ability that will benefit any team. On the other hand, Sova’s Shock-Bolt and Recon abilities are also amazing for beginners. 

  • Use the Range to improve. 

One of the easiest ways to learn something is by constant practice. In the case of Valorant, you must master the skill of aiming rightly to hit the targeted spot. This is why you need to practice aiming at the Range. Doing that constantly will improve your muscle memory which will, in turn, increase your aiming accuracy. 

According to pro Valorant players, it will be easy to aim accurately if you spend more than 10 minutes at least practising before your matches. So, visit the Range today and practice regularly. 

  • Choose a gun that fits. 

Valorant playable characters are called Agents, and each of them is unique and equipped with unique abilities which depict their strengths. In addition, the agents also have “Unique ultimate abilities”, which you can charge through the spike actions, deaths, kills or orbs. 

So, for any agent, you pick to play, make sure the gun you choose will be suitable based on their abilities. For instance, if you pick Jett as your agent, grab a shotgun too because the Korean girl is fast and can cover short distances in a flash. 

  • Study your Gun 

There are up to 17 guns in this game, such as snipers, sidearms, rifles, SMGs, shotguns, etc. All of these gun types are different, and their strengths and stats will differ too. So, spend a little time to find the best match for your style and then study it well. The first things to master are the fire rate of the gun and how the recoil works too. 

The fire rate helps you to know the speed at which the gun will launch, and this rate is measured in RPM (rounds per minute). Some guns have higher RPMs, such as the big machine guns, while some, such as the pistol, have slow RPMs. 

A gun’s recoil is also called a kickback, and it shows the backward push that you feel when the gun discharges a bullet. In addition, the recoil can destabilize your aim because after you fire 9 bullets first, the gun pulls downwards and by the 10th bullet, your gun goes left to right. All these changes require proper adjustments, or your aim will not hit the target. 

  • Tweak your settings 

Every game has unique settings to play it better. Also, every gamer has their preferred settings based on skills, game style and knowledge. As a beginner in Valorant, the first setting to adjust should be your sensitivity. Mouse sensitivity is the speed at which the cursor responds to the movement of the mouse. 

If the sensitivity is high, the pointer moves faster, but when it is low, the cursor moves slower. But note this, low means much mouse movement while high means minor movements. Also, high means lower accuracy while low means more accuracy. So adjust the sensitivity to what works for your style.

  • Stand and shoot 

As a beginner, your first focus should be dropping the enemy with one bullet. But it is not always easy if you integrate movement before mastering the game. So we encourage you to do everything possible to achieve an accurate shot, and one of such is to stand still before shooting. 

If you run or walk while shooting, you’ll waste more bullets than is necessary and still won’t hit the target. So, even if you’re under fire, hide behind cover before shooting. Don’t stand still when bullets are flying from every angle, or you might die before you can shoot. 


Playing Valorant is satisfying and invigorating. All you need is to understand what works and what doesn’t work. Then, choose the right agent, weapon, play style and practice always. With all, you can enjoy your game always. 

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