Spy technology has advanced a lot in the last decade, and spying on Whatsapp is a piece of cake now. But one small mistake can ruin your experience, so it’s better that you choose the best WhatsApp spying apps for android. Some of the apps have a complex interface that makes simple tracking difficult.

You might want to read your child’s WhatsApp exchanged messages with strangers that can cause harm for them. Or you want to catch your deceiving partner red-handedly by reading their chats. Whatever the reason is, these 3 top WhatsApp spy apps will make it possible for you.

  1. TheWiSpy
  2. XNSPY
  3. MSpy


1.     TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy is a market-leading one of the best WhatsApp spying apps for android; that’s why it’s our first choice. It has made spying on WhatsApp easier for users through advanced technology. It will help you hassle-free spy WhatsApp activity on android devices. You can read chats, record calls, and continuously view the history of your kid contacting.

It doesn’t require any jail-breaking process that makes it simple to use for a naïve user. But, on the other hand, if someone with the minimum technical requirement will have to work hard, then they’ll give up easily. And the purpose of making a top android monitoring app was to bring users to ease so they can spy on their own without hiring an agent.

TheWiSpy offers more than just WhatsApp spying, and you can track calls, GPS location, and enjoy remote monitoring features. Moreover, TheWiSpy works in stealth mode that makes it more interesting. Once you install TWS on the phone without disturbing any frontend activity, it’ll run in the background. So, for example, if you’ll command the app to fetch the location of the device, then it’ll secretly process all the information and upload the result.


TheWiSpy is compatible with Android devices, so you can comfortably use its features. First, you need to confirm if the android phone has an operating system version of 4.0. Apart from that, you can ensure that your device is updated to its latest version, and you’ll be good to go. TheWiSpy is supported by almost every android brand such as Samsung, Huawei, and OPPO, etc.

Price plans:

TheWiSpy has three price plans that they offer to users. The first one is a standard plan with excellent services such as GPS tracking, call monitoring, text message spy, etc. You can get this package is $29.99 for one month, $59.99 for three months, and $89.99 for six-months.

Then there is a premium plan that includes remote features that help you remotely control the phone. You can get this plan for $39.99 for one-month, $69.99 for three months, and $ 99.99 for six months.

Lastly, a platinum plan is supreme to all of the packages, and it has updated and brand new features. For example, you can spy on Whatsapp activity, use web browser controls, etc. It is available for $69.99 for a month, $119.99 to use features for three, and for six month plan you have to pay $149.99 .

All these price plans are affordable, and you can choose according to the time limit you’ll need.

TheWiSpy Features:

·       Read messages:

You can read WhatsApp messages received and sent on the target device using this feature. That is because kids hide so much from their parents even when they’re in trouble. So you can ensure they’re doing fine and no one is assaulting them online, even from their friend circle.

·       Listen to voice notes:

Whatsapp offers a voice message service to its users, so don’t panic if you feel you won’t listen to them. Using top android monitoring apps, you can listen to all voice notes without letting the target know remotely.

·       Monitor calls:

You can monitor the calls of your kid using this feature. It will show you call history, along with the caller name, number, and call duration. So you will know instantly who’s harassing your kids based on the time they have called and in what consistency.

·       Multimedia control:

The activity of exchanging pictures, videos, and other files is common in teenagers. And, they share inappropriate stuff. You can monitor their multimedia exchange using this feature. In addition, you can view and then delete files that contain harmful or inappropriate stuff.

·       Remote controls:

TheWiSpy offers unlimited remote controls that you can use to ensure the security of your children. For example, you can block contacts that seem harmful, and you can delete multimedia files, you can delete chats remotely, and monitor their daily activity.


  • TheWiSpy is a highly compatible android monitoring app.
  • It offers remote spying features.
  • The excellent customer support offered.
  • Affordable price plans that make TheWiSpy more approachable.


  • TheWiSpy doesn’t offer a free trial.
  • It doesn’t offer to spy on laptops or computers.

2.     XNSPY:

XNSPY is one of the top WhatsApp spy apps that offer monitoring services to android and iOS devices. You have to root your device to read chats on WhatsApp or to track WhatsApp remotely. Also, you can use advanced features to spy on other smartphones.

Apart from tracking WhatsApp, you can monitor calls, track location, and spy on web browser history using XNSPY features.


You can use XNSPY on android and iOS devices. It offers two compatibility options for iPhone based on jail-breaking and no jail-breaking. On Android devices, you can install this software if you have OS versions of 4,5,6,7 and 8. And on IOS, you can install it with OS 6-11.4 versions.

Price plans:

XNSPY has two different price plans and one is the basic edition that you can avail in $29.99, and the second one is the premium edition that you can get for $35.99.

XNSPY Features:

·       Read chats:

You can read chats of your target using the XNSPY feature. You can read old chats and retrieve deleted chats as well.

·       View calls history:

You can view call history on the phone, but you have to perform jail-breaking for it first. It is a drawback for the app, but you’ll get a quality result once you root the device.

·       View WhatsApp media:

XNSPY offers access to view multimedia in the WhatsApp chat. For example, you can see videos, pictures, and files that someone sent in the chat.


XNSPY is compatible software for tracking both android and iOS devices.

You can retrieve deleted chats in WhatsApp.

It offers 24/7 good customer service.


XNSPY is an expensive spying app for android.

It requires jail-breaking and rooting to use some features.

3.     Mspy:

Mspy is trusted software to track WhatsApp remotely. It allows you to monitor another device’s messages, calls, GPS location, emails, and other things stored on it. In addition, it offers unique features that help spy on WhatsApp activity. For example, it works in incognito mode, so you can secretly spy on your child’s phone or your employee’s phone.

You can use the given features to command the app installed on the target phone and fetch information. After getting mSpy subscription, you can read messages and get further mobile activity details as well. For example, you can see contact information, name, number, duration of the calls, consistency, etc. Moreover, like other top android monitoring apps, mspy offers access to multimedia files shared on the app.


Mspy is supported by android and iOS devices. Although, the iOS versions contain two options, such as software with and without jail-breaking. The android version has 4-8 OS compatibility, and iPhone has 7-11 OS versions.

Price plans:

You can get three price plans of mspy. First, you can get the standard package is for $29.99 per month and enjoy basic features. Then we have a premium feature that you can get at $48.99, $27.99 , and $11.99 for one, three, and six months.

Mspy Features:

·       Monitor messages:

It allows you to monitor all WhatsApp chats remotely. You can view new and old messages without disturbing the target user’s activities.

·       Track Whatsapp calls:

You can also track WhatsApp calls using the mspy feature. It will help you see call details such as history, caller name, phone number, call duration, timestamps.

·       Access multimedia:

Mspy offers you a feature where you can watch shared multimedia on WhatsApp.


  • It is compatible with both jail-breaking and not jail-breaking iOS devices.
  • High-quality spying results.
  • Excellent customer care offered 24/7.
  • Easy to use interface for user.


  • You can use one subscription plan for one device only.
  • You can’t back up data from the target device.


Our pick for the best WhatsApp spying app for android is TheWiSpy, and we can justify why we think so. It is a highly compatible device that won’t disturb the normal activities on the target device. Furthermore, it works in the smartphone’s background, making it impossible to be noticed or detected by the target. If we compare the prices and features of other top android monitoring apps, then TheWiSpy is 100% better.

It offers unlimited and advanced features at affordable prices. On top of that, TheWiSpy has an exceptional customer support system that will answer your problems in no time. Furthermore, TheWiSpy is a reliable app that runs in stealth mode, and this is a very important component in a spy app.

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