The problem of social isolation for a modern person can be seriously exacerbated in the absence of a stable Internet connection. By constantly using smartphones, tablets, and PCs, we get used to the ability to call friends and family, find out the news, find entertainment or work content at any time. Even gadgets and detailed maps loaded into them help to navigate the terrain.

Sailors can also use the internet to access high-tech sea navigation systems and journey planning software. One such software is Passage planning software that allows sailors to plan where to start and where to halt, and where to land eventually.

For seafarers, the problem of free access to the Internet is especially urgent. It is difficult to be away from home without contact with relatives, especially if the flight is for 3-4 months. Here, the ability to work decreases, and it is not morally comfortable. Some shipowners are addressing this issue by providing satellite internet for seafarers. However, this method of accessing the network is far from ideal – high prices at low speeds can hardly be considered an advantage. It will no longer be possible to communicate via video communication. TEZ telecom team offers a more convenient and profitable alternative – SIM cards for seafarers with automatic roaming – Only Internet Global.

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What is the internet in roaming?

Roaming services are provided to customers by all world mobile operators. The option allows you to use the phone for calls and Internet access while abroad with your usual SIM card, that is, being outside the coverage area of ​​national networks.

Only Internet Global SIM cards have a significant advantage over roaming Internet from local operators – one SIM card provides Internet access in 210 countries of the world. The company offers tariffs from 0.002 € / MB, which is several times cheaper than national mobile providers.

How to connect mobile internet

There are 3 main options for solving the problem of Internet access if you are a sailor:

1) Do nothing and just use the roaming of your mobile operator. Usually, operators offer such services and in some countries, there may be not very expensive tariffs. One list of such countries is very limited. Therefore, there is always a high probability of being on a tariff with a cosmic cost or without the Internet at all.

2) Upon arrival in the country, go ashore and buy a local SIM card. However, if things don’t work, you need to have a good knowledge of the local language to get support. But this is still half the trouble. As soon as you leave the borders of this state, you will again find yourself in very expensive roaming. And finally, the main problem is that you always have to have whole sets of such SIM cards with you. You will always have to carry them with you and replenish them without being in this country, which is often simply impossible.

3) That is why, when developing our SIM card, we took into account all the comments of the sailors.

Choosing mobile Internet from TEZ telecom you get:

  • 3G, 4G / LTE Internet in 210 countries of the world (works even in coastal waters)
  • 5G Internet in 9 countries of the world
  • Low rates – from 0.002 € / MB
  • Free shipping of starter packs worldwide
  • No monthly fees and hidden conditions, payment only for traffic.


With the Only Internet Global SIM card for sailors, connecting to the Internet is as simple as possible – just insert it into the slot of the device. In a few minutes, the card will connect to one of the local networks in your host country.

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