There is a relatively new concept of betting games coming up, which helps everyone who takes part in it with a side earning or something at least advantageous than sitting at home and doing absolutely nothing. Now everyone has to admit that making money from different bets is very easy compared to earning money likewise. To demotivate everyone in this country from going into all this, the government has already banned many states on betting.

If you are interested in sports that require high concentration, focus, and aim, you should take part in this competition called the Khanpara Teer as this competition is all about archery and this particular sport requires every quality mentioned above. It is one of the most high-profile competitions that are held in this country.

So, further, in this article, we will cover this competition through some points that will help everyone to get an excellent grasp on what this competition is particularly about: –

  1. This is one of the biggest competitions organized as there are a lot of groups that work closely together to organize this competition.
  2. This competition is held at a place called Polo Ground in Meghalaya.
  3. Most of the people living in Meghalaya are Christians. So, they tend to visit the church on Sunday. Hence, this competition is not held on Sunday.
  4. This competition is held in Meghalaya, keeping in mind that this is one of the very few states in India where gambling is allowed.
  5. Gambling is allowed in this state because there are only a few sources by which the livelihood of the people living here is running to not pressurize the people of this state, gambling is allowed. For some, it acts as a way by which they earn their food every day.
  6. As mentioned earlier, this competition does not occur on Sunday, so this competition goes on for the rest of the week from Monday to Saturday.
  7. All the committees that are responsible for the arrangement of this competition work as a team under the committee of Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association.

Now to gather some more general information, the results will be declared on the official website of the khanapara Teer competition, khanapara Now, like the other archery competitions happening nearby, this competition also has two rounds, the starting time of the first round is 3:15 PM, and the starting time of the second round is 4:15 PM. The results of these competitions are announced on a Sunday that follows.

Now there are some guidelines also like every sport that all the participants have to take care of: – 

  1. The first important guideline is that during the first round, the archer has a total of fifty arrows which he has to shoot to get the desired score. In contrast, there are only thirty arrows in the second round, and in these thirty arrows, the participants have to again attain that particular score. So, the competition gets more demanding in the second round.
  2. The target on which the archers have to hit the arrows should always be squircle in shape as written in the rule book of archery.
  3. This is one of India’s most high-profile competitions, so everything in this competition is pre-decided. From the circumference of the target to the number of people who can see the match at a particular time.
  4. If we do need to specify about the dimensions of the target then it is very important to mention that these dimensions are not fixed for this particular competition and vary from rounds to rounds. Like, it could have different dimensions in the first round and different dimensions in the second round.

Now we will talk about the prize money that is involved in this game: – 

  1. For every single rupee that we have betted in the first round, we win sixty rupees for it.
  2. For every single rupee that we have betted in the second round, we win forty rupees for it.
  3. Now there is mega prize money called the forecast. In this round, only one person wins, and that person is the person who is successful in getting both of his numbers in the different competitions. In this round, he gets huge prize money of four thousand rupees also.

Now we all very well know that this is a betting game, and in a game where there are bets, there is a chance of losing more rather than winning, as the person behind these betting games will see his advantage first rather than winning caring about the best. But still, to keep yourself away from these things, firstly, we will not listen to anyone who will come up to us with an idea of how to win this game.

It is to be known very well that this a whole luck-based game and the winner of this game is decided sheerly by luck and the skill of archery, the people who come to you with different ways of winning the game are huge fraudsters and mostly tend to take away all the hard-earned money of that person. Hence, it is highly recommended to improve your skills at archery rather than getting into all this.

Moreover, we can also calculate our chances of winning the game by a straightforward formula that tells us the number of opportunities we have of winning that game. Of course, this is also not trustworthy, but it does tell us somewhat about our chances in the right way. So, if the formula indicates that you can win this, we should only meddle into these things and go somewhere else. This is also the truth that how good an archer you may be, but there will always be someone who will be better than you. Otherwise, we could land up in deep troubles by risking everything we have and still not get anything. Hence, we should always consider these factors before going into such competitions.

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