The gaming industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. It is expected to reach a valuation of 300 billion by 2026. Only time will say whether it will really happen, or if it’s just one of the many gaming rumors doing their rounds.

But, because of the Covid-19 situation and the sedentary lifestyle, many non-gamers have started finding solace in video games. Therefore, the industry is indeed experiencing a massive change. Here are some gaming trends that might interest gamers.


Cloud Gaming and Streaming

In the current times, users mainly download games to their mobile devices. Why would they not when they have facilities like fast Internet connection, smartphones, reliable mobile networks, and high-level hardware in their mobile devices.

The technology nowadays allows you to chat with your friends and other gamers from anywhere in the world while playing your favorite games together, enabling supreme levels of teamwork and cooperative gameplay, making gaming even more enjoyable.

This is possible with cloud gaming and streaming; the games live in a data center even though you play from your device.

New Business Models

Gaming-as-a-service (GaaS) and free-to-play are the new members of the gaming business model family. GaaS is an on-demand streaming service. It relies on subscription and allows users to play games on the hosting servers of a video game publisher. Over a period, GaaS combines monetization opportunities to extend the lifespan of a game.

Free-to-play games are available on gaming PCs and mobile devices and allow users to play without charge. These are usually monetized through pop-up ads, and there’s always the option for you to buy a paid version of the game to do away with ads.

They may also be monetized through special suits, weapons, and other in-game items that you can buy from the store using real money.

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Increased Diversity

“Young males are the only people who love video games” is one of the biggest gaming rumors in the industry. According to research, 17% of men and 10% of women in the US within eighteen to thirty-five years old play video games. But, this does not mean older people do not find games interesting. People aged over fifty years also play games, and this too is not restricted to the male population.

Moreover, the emergence of cloud gaming has enabled people from various countries to play together as well. Even people who cannot afford to buy consoles or gaming PCs can now easily participate in online games through their mobile phones.

Mobile Gaming

In the video game industry, mobile devices are the most significant growth determinant. People can easily access their handheld devices anywhere and everywhere, whether they are traveling or at home. In these times when movement is restricted, you can relax after your work and play a mobile game from the comfort of your sofa or bed.


AR and VR games are different sides of the same coin. If you have VR gaming consoles, you can utilize them for playing AR-based games. Both augmented reality and virtual reality have progressed in video gaming over the past few years. In 2021, you can see extended reality (XR) games blossoming and enter mainstream gaming.

In the past few decades, the gaming industry has evolved a lot. With newer innovations, players will be able to experience fully immersive, more realistic simulations on lenses and screens, making the experience even better.

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