There are cases of repairs when plumbing work is not possible without welding. Special difficulties in welding work arise in residential apartments where there are neighbors, furniture, residents. In them, welding work in the apartment must be carried out with extreme caution. For a better and secure welding service in Lisarow, please go to Welding Service Lisarow.

About welding in the apartment

In the residential sector, two types of welding are commonly used: electric and gas. Electric arc welding is used to cut and weld metals with a heated electric arc. Gas welding is also used for cutting and welding metals by heating a burning mixture from oxygen and acetylene cylinders.

It should be noted that both of these types of welding are fire hazardous. Gas welding is also explosive. Therefore, compliance with explosion and fire safety measures is very important, especially in residential buildings.

Dangers when carrying out welding work in an apartment

Any kind of welding work is associated with high temperatures. The electric welding electrode and gas welding torch have a temperature of several thousand degrees Celsius. In addition, the welded or cut metals of pipes and metal structures of the apartment are heated to almost the same temperatures.

As a consequence, any contact of flammable objects, things, substances with welding can lead to a fire.

In addition, the heated metal has the properties of spreading during welding and even dripping onto the floor and onto the walls. As a result, when welding in a residential area, burning of the finishing materials of the floor and walls, as well as burning of furniture, is possible.

Gas welding cylinders are especially dangerous. Their improper storage does NOT lead to a fire, but to an explosion.

One more danger should not be forgotten when carrying out welding work in an apartment – these are the neighbors. As I already mentioned, droplets of molten metal from welding can get into neighbors’ apartments. For example, when welding on a balcony. Or carrying out work in the bathroom to replace the risers of the water supply system or the installation of a welded bypass.

When carrying out welding work in an apartment such as apartments for rent in High Point, you should always remember about the potential fire hazard. It is advisable to warn neighbors about the welding work and, after finishing the welding work, monitor the place of their carrying out for a few more hours in order to exclude a smoldering fire.

A responsibility

The safety issue of welding is directly related to the responsibility for the consequences of their conduct. For example, plumbers, when changing a heating radiator using welding, workers burned your parquet or furniture. Or, when replacing the water pipe, the toilet of the neighbors below caught fire.

The laws have many nuances, but in such cases, the following rule works:

Damage from welding in the apartment, if such happened, must be compensated by the culprit. The culprit is the person who organized or carried out welding work and violated the fire safety rule.

That is, if you invited an organization for welding work, this organization will be the first to blame. If you yourself organize a work and invite a simple plumber, most likely you will bear the responsibility.

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