In a general sense, an IT infrastructure is a complex of interconnected components that can be used to organize and manage the information environment.

If you have at least one computer at home that is connected to the Internet, then you already have a home IT infrastructure. At the company level, the IT infrastructure includes the components that are needed for internal communication and service delivery. IT Support London is a completely independent support team for companies and startups to support their IT infrastructure.


What does it consist of?

An information technology infrastructure can consist of the following components:

  • Servers,
  • Personal computers,
  • Switches,
  • Routers,
  • Data centers,
  • Web servers,
  • Os,
  • Cms,
  • Crm systems,
  • Corporate mail,
  • Batteries, cooling.

The components are grouped into three basic groups: networking , hardware, and  software . Let’s consider them in more detail.

Hardware part

Hardware is the physical part of the entire platform. In addition to servers, computers, or routers, this includes those elements that help keep machines and devices running. These elements include power supply, cooling, switching elements, as well as the premises that are allocated for them.

The main element is the server. It allows employees to share resources. An office or gaming computer can act as a server, but its components are not reliable enough, since they are not designed to work in non-stop mode. Server components are ideal as they are specially designed for continuous operation. This should be taken into account when creating infrastructure at the company’s own facilities.

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Software part

The software includes all applications that are used internally and to provide services to customers. The software is required to operate and control the hardware. Operating systems, CMS and CRM systems, web servers, mail clients belong to the software.


The network provides internal and external communication between devices and system elements. It includes the hardware and software elements that are necessary for the operation and protection of the network. These include switches, routers, servers, firewalls, and anything else that helps secure and protect data transmission.

These parts are at the heart of any IT infrastructure. However, the components must be selected individually depending on the needs. Let’s consider what you should pay attention to when forming the information environment of the company.

IT infrastructure of the company: features

Information system infrastructure is not only the foundation but also a key asset of a modern company. The competitiveness and efficiency of the system depend on the safety, reliability, and flexibility of the system. This affects the profitability and success of the business. Therefore, the IT infrastructure in business must meet the current needs of the market, and its creation and development is a complex time-consuming process that requires the involvement of experienced specialists. Errors during design and launch can lead to security, performance, and interoperability issues in the future.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right components and type of information system.

Traditional and cloudy

Above, we talked about a traditional infrastructure in which all components belong to one company and are located in its own premises. The larger the infrastructure, the more difficult and costly it is to maintain. Now you can create a cloud infrastructure that will save resources.

Cloud It Infrastructure

The cloud structure is similar to the traditional one, but all the elements are located in the system of the service provider who is serving. Information infrastructure management is possible if you have a computer with Internet access.

Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) – infrastructure as a service. You do not need to deploy your own servers, prepare premises for them, achieve scalability and monitor the rest of the components. The service provider has already taken care of this.

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