products manufacturer Foxconn now began to build iPhone 11 units in a facility in Chennai in India, TechCrunch reported, this is the first time Apple has made one of its top-tier phones in that country.

Apple producing lower-priced iPhone models in India since 2017 and reportedly has been slowly moving production of its more premium models in India from some time.

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As a report shows, India was the second-biggest smartphone market in the world in 2019, ahead of the US and second only to China. As per a report, Apple intends to scale up its production in India, which would be excellent news for Indian consumers.

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Now, most of the apple products are made in china. These steps can reduce its dependency on China. While apple leading the premium smartphone market India but cover only about 1 percent of the total smartphone market share. The highly-priced iPhone’s make it out of reach for many consumers in India. Also read: KaiOS now support Google lens for reading and translations

Apple would be able to avoid a 20 percent import duty that India imposes on foreign-made electronics by selling devices made in India. But apple did not clear it whether the products are being produced only for sale in India alone or for other countries also.


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