Assam is already known as one of the most beautiful states in the whole of India. Many things originate from this state, like the tea leaves. This state is world-famous for supplying tea leaves. The best tea leaves are created from here as the weather and the climate conditions of this state are the most suited for the growing of tea leaves here. Along with these activities, the people of Assam are also among the people with the highest concentration and focus power. These qualities were developed by the people of Assam due to long periods of physical activity and the sole determination to complete the training within the set period of time.

Hence, to use this skill of the Assamese people, there is a competition of archery that is held; the contest only requires archery as this game is the only one that corresponds with high focus, aim and concentration levels. We know that archery is one of the most challenging games, as the toughness of the game is directly proportional to the number of skills that the game requires to be perfect. Hence to instil a certain amount of competitiveness among the people, this competition was started to be held.

Assam Teer Result result Features 

In this particular article, we will be covering everything about the Assam Teer that is very important for everyone to know. The language of this article will be lucid enough so as to help everyone understand everything.

  1. This competition is said to be one of the largest competitions that are held in the whole of India and so to organize a match of such a mass, there has to be a lot of people working behind it. So, to arrange this competition, there are twelve committees that are working tirelessly every time to make this competition a success.
  2. This competition has already been going through a very long period since an act was passed in 1982.
  3. The venue of this game has always been the Polo Ground in Assam, and all the twelve committees about which we have mentioned earlier work together under a committee called the KHASA ( Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association.)
  4. Since this is one of the biggest competitions that are held in the northeastern states, the organizing committee had to take care about the fact that many people come to see this event, and for that, they had to exempt Sunday already as most of the people in Assam prefer going to the church on that day and hence it was decided that the competition would run for six days a week from Monday to Saturday and the Sunday would be a due off.
  5. After knowing that this is a gambling competition, many people would not like to attend this competition as it is a crime in this country. But our central government has already kept the fact in mind as the people in this state do not have many options for earning a livelihood already, so they have allowed the people to go into gambling. However, yes, this is still a crime in the states which already have been the developed states.
  6. But yes, even after the state government allows it, the fact that gambling can be very dangerous to anyone if it is not done in a limited manner. After winning a certain amount of money from the gamble, some people tend to stop investing more and more money with the hope of winning more and more. But they do not understand that the people who are organizers of the gamble game are very intelligent and shake the game. The people who were constantly winning earlier now start to lose continuously and lose all their money.

Now the participants who are taking part in this competition will also obviously be curious about the results. So, the development of this competition will come on the official website of the Assam teer competition, It is a well-known fact that every game of professional archery has two rounds, so the result of the two rounds will be out on the website at 3:15 PM and 4:15 PM, respectively.

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Assam Teer Rules 

Every game that is played at the mass level on which this is played has a particular set of rules that every participant is expected to follow: –

  1. To make the flow of the competition much more straightforward, everything is pre-decided. Even the most minor things like the shape of the target, the circumference of the target, the length and width of the target, the colours that denote the different things on the target, and even the number of people who are going to come and watch are pre-decided.
  2. The shape of the target is always required to be spherical and not of any other form as the circle is the most compact of the conditions. If the target is made of any different shape, that will not be considered any target by which the shooters will compete.
  3. There are a fixed number of chances that an archer will get in the first round, and the opportunities will be around fifty. In the second round, as the quality of the archers improves, the chances are then decreased to thirty itself.


Now we will talk about the biggest motivation that drives most people to participate in any of the competitions. That motivation has to be the prize money.

  1. In the first round of any competition, the quantity of the people is more, but the quality is less. But in this game, the person wins sixty rupees for every one rupee that they bet.
  2. In the second round of the competition, the quantity decreases but the quality increases, so the person wins every forty rupees for the one rupee that was bet.
  3. Like many other games, there is a big bumper prize or the jackpot prize also, and that jackpot prize is called the forecast prize, and this includes prize money of four thousand rupees. The winner of this game is the person both of whose numbers come in the successive rounds.

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