For conferences and meetings, discussions and meetings, high-quality conference room equipment is required. Thanks to modern automation tools, you can set up a multifunctional system with a video processor, a voting controller, a simultaneous translation module and other capabilities. Conference room management software are also required in order to organize meetings.


Equipment for conference rooms:

  • Information display systems
  • Acoustics and sound reinforcement
  • Video conferencing systems
  • Logging systems
  • Simultaneous translation systems
  • Document co-editing systems
  • Electronic voting systems
  • Furniture, motorized monitor lifts
  • Switching equipment
  • Lighting control and motorized shades / blinds
  • Climate control

Control systems and graphical interface

Creative install provides technical equipment for conference rooms in company offices, hotels, and educational institutions. Our specialists design multifunctional congress halls with video walls, video projection systems, concert sound, stage lighting, broadcasting and video conferencing systems. A modern conference room can also have additional capabilities: organize voting with the collection of detailed statistics, make video recordings of the event in automatic mode with cameras pointing at the speaker, and conduct full audio and video recording.

All functions of the complex are very easy to use with the help of a single control system.

A single management interface is an integral part of a professional integration solution.

Equipment of conference roomsEquipment of conference roomsEquipment of conference rooms.

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Features of the design of the conference room

Conference rooms, or congress halls, are premises where not only conferences are held, but also presentations, concerts, meetings, official and festive events. The quality and effectiveness of the listed events depends on the degree of preparation of the premises. Equipment, appliances and furniture are selected to ensure maximum comfort for all participants.

The design of conference rooms includes a number of sequential stages:

  • Definition of tasks;
  • Forecast of the number of participants;
  • Selection of equipment and its location in the room;
  • Arrangement of workplaces;
  • Assessment of acoustic parameters;
  • Calculation of cables, equipment and other components.

In the process of designing a conference room, Creative install specialists take into account the technical, acoustic and aesthetic features of the room. In the implementation of projects, we use advanced audiovisual equipment. The range of services includes the development of a unique project, preparation of documentation, commissioning, as well as technical support. Call to clarify terms, prices and other information.

Stages of work:

  • Object audit
  • Development of design and working documentation
  • General construction works, preparation of premises
  • Equipment supply
  • Installation, commissioning, programming
  • User training
  • Maintenance

Conference room furnishing services

Our company selects the equipment that is optimal for the price, on the basis of which the most appropriate turnkey conference room is created.

First, we inspect the object, analyzing its architectural features, existing communications and the availability of the ability to connect missing systems. Then, Creative install specialists design the conference room system, developing the necessary technical documentation and coordinating the equipment used with the customer. We choose the best possible technical solutions, focusing on the required functions, goals and format of future events. The final stage is the installation of systems on site with their subsequent adjustment and testing. Thanks to the extensive experience of Creative install specialists, the installation of equipment is always carried out efficiently and on time.

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