When talking about digital clutter, there can be multiple types that can impact our space, productivity, and ultimately our entire lives. Of the many clutter that we are aware of, the least amount of attention is given to the digital clutter.

With the dynamics of remote work acting as a catalyst for digitalization, electronic devices are increasingly becoming a part of our lifestyle and daily routine. Therefore, eliminating all the electronic clutter we don’t need is more imperative than ever before.

Having devices loaded with data and documents can be detrimental to your health and might put a risk on your personal information as well. 

Read this article to know more about digital clutter and ways to clean it.


What Does Digital Clutter Mean?

The disorganization and disorientation of your data in multiple files and folders or digital devices are often referred to as digital clutter. For example–loaded inbox, storage full mobile, unused apps on laptop or phone. This clutter not only slows down your device but also slows down your brain and its activity.     

An average worker spends approximately 45 minutes searching through the digital clutter to get to a file, folder, or document he needs to do their job. Studies depict that these digital messes can be as anxiety-inducing as traditional or physical messes. 

However, the good part is, removing this digital clutter from your electronic world is both simple and rewarding. 

 A few of the many disadvantages of digital clutter can include:

 High-stress levels

  • Slow speed of devices
  • Increased risk to cybersecurity
  • Increased risk to the environment
  • Lowers overall productivity

From thousands of photos stored on your mobile device to lakhs of mails your email address might have received–we all have been a victim to digital clutter and its adversities. Just like tidying up your home spaces has a positive impact on your mental and physical health, eliminating digital clutter also feels good.

Rules to Keep Your Data Organized and Clutter-Free

Rules to Keep Your Data Organized and Clutter-Free

  • Declutter Your Desktop

At home, it is easier to see clutter in front of you, but when it comes to digital clutter, there is no limit to the stuff your device can accumulate over the years. You may adopt different ways to clean it up, including manual and automated methods.

If you, too, are guilty of having a messy computer desktop, stay organized by creating files and folders to drop off all your floating files in specific folders and directories.

  • Delete Unnecessary Clutter 

The ability to store all files and folders on your desktop does make your life easier–but only until you are able to access them easily. The more unprotected files and folders there are on your device, the higher the chances of hackers making your device a host and accessing your private information.

In addition, it makes it very easy for hackers to get access to documents with weaker security.

  • Unsubscribe from Unwanted Emails

Checking emails is an important part of the day for most of us. However, unsolicited sales and promotional emails only drain our storage and space away. Organizing and cleaning your digital clutter can help you protect your digital assets and lower the risks of any malware entering the device via email attachments.

This also takes away from important work emails and attachments you might want to browse through. 

Why Should You Remove Digital Clutter?

Why Should You Remove Digital Clutter?

Let’s understand other benefits of clearing your digital clutter:

  • Reduces Stress

Clutter is a proven reason for stress–being surrounded by too much visual information can be overwhelming and pressurizing–making us feel like there’s a lot that needs to get done. Therefore, a persistent crown and clutter on your most-used devices can be mentally taxing.

  • Multiplies Productivity 

Juggling through the data is a sheer waste of time and takes away a lot of your efforts. Clearing this clutter up can make searching documents and files easier, saving time and money, and making you more productive and efficient. 

  • Reduces Cybersecurity

Digital hoarding or overloading information on digital devices have a direct implication on data privacy and protection. The more digital data, the more prone it will be to data theft and protection. 

  • Helps Environment

Taking steps to clear your digital clutter is also an effort towards reducing your digital footprint. Although we can’t physically see or touch data, it is physically stored somewhere on servers, consuming energy and power. 

  • Enhances Speed

The more data your device processes, the slower the speed of its processor. Cleaning storage, for example, can improve the speed of your device considerably, which in turn helps you to be more efficient as you will be able to access what you need with much ease. 

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