Every year technologies reach a new level, but at the same time, there are more problems associated with dependence on gadgets, especially phones. Of course, every parent wants to avoid giving a mobile phone to their child for as long as possible, but most often it is very difficult to implement.

After all, the child watches every day how a parent uses the phone and also wants to try it with his own hand. The second problem is that it is much easier and faster to give a child a phone or pad with cartoons in order not to occupy his attention for a while. To facilitate this process, we suggest that parents replace the phone with useful toys for children which are able to captivate the child.

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Going on a trip with children, no doubt, every parent thinks in advance about what toys to take with them on a trip so that the child does not get bored. In addition, in most cases, traveling is also stressful for a little child. For example, children find it very hard to endure flying in an airplane or a ship, while a car is a familiar place. With this in mind, it is better to choose a car as a means of transportation during the trip.

Renting a car during your vacation could ensure comfort and safety for you and your child. When having a vacation in hot countries where the high temperature lasts until the evening, a hired car with an air conditioner will definitely become a necessity.

In the UAE, car rental services are a very common thing, especially since it is way cheaper than using a taxi. The idea to rent a car in Dubai will be a pleasant addition to your vacation, ensuring complete safety and mobility in the city. The child is always under your supervision, so that he could not not get bored, parents often turn on cartoons in the car. Instead of this we suggest giving a child a drawing board, which is easy and fun to use, moreover, it can serve for a long time. Your child can practice drawing simple shapes by tracing the light with her finger.

Car rides are the perfect time for toddlers to entertain themselves while working on learning shapes, snaps, zippers and buttons. There are such pillows that are attached to the headrest of the car and thus the child can study and play with them while sitting in a car seat.

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If you are sitting in a queue at a bank or in a clinic, in order not to let your child get a phone, pocket interactive books are ready to help you. Unlike classic-paper or electronic books, this format allows you not only to read the text and watch the illustrations for it, but also gives an opportunity to watch video, or listen to an audio, and also illustrations can be touched.

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The most important advantage is that these books make the reading process fascinating, which is very important for the youngest children, from 4 to 7-8 years old. When a child is just learning to read, it is difficult to concentrate on a book for a long time. Another plus is that such books are often released in small sizes, which allows parents to put them in a bag and it won’t take up much space.

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Interactive toys are also a good choice, because the task of parents is to distract the child’s attention from the phone. The main difference between interactive toys and ordinary ones is that their function is teaching through entertainment. Unusual toy teachers introduce the child with the alphabet, listen poems and songs with a baby and even could study foreign languages, tell fairy tales, and also play intellectual games.

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There are also full analogs of phones and pads for the most tricky kids. These gadgets look like modern adult ones, attracting the child’s attention with their similarity to the original models. For the convenience of the child, the programs embedded in a children’s pad or computer are divided into blocks: arithmetic, language, music, and drawing lessons and also include games for entertainment and relaxation between lessons. Thus, the child will feel like an adult with gadgets, but in fact, will not only play but also develop new skills at the same time parents will not be worried.

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