launches a short video section, something like TikTok. It seems like everyone is fall in love of short video feature. Every company wants to add a short video feature into there platform as the users engaged with these features nowadays as users easily create short videos in no time compared to youtube videos.

Users can spend their leisure time watching and swiping up short videos easily rather than long-form content on youtube.

Microsoft is on talking with Tiktok parent company Bytedance to buy Tiktok

Facebook short video feature

Facebook first announced Instagram reel after the TikTok ban in India, And now you can find thousands of apps in play store claiming they are the best TikTok alternative but not. Many big brands like MX player, Sharechat published similar apps, and now based on a report, Snapchat soon launches this short video feature also.

Short videos section

We first observe the short video feature on Facebook some days ago but aren’t confirm, but now it looks like its official from Facebook.

Soon this feature is going to be popular as Facebook already has a massive user base.

This feature appeared in the new section in the Facebook newsfeed, and when you click on to see more options, you easily watch the short videos by swiping up like Tiktok.

As you can see in the picture some options quite similar like Tiktok

How to create your own video

If you want to create your videos first, click on the create option in the upper right corner, then you can record or add a video from your gallery and choose your favorite music to add to your video. There are various frames and stickers to add on your video

There is no share option on the video, but there is an option to send them on messenger.

So go and check this feature if you haven’t check it and enjoy watching creator

facebook short video feature 2
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Facebook short video feature 1