When getting a VPN service, one of the many things to look at is its functionality. In this scenario, you weigh how it performs its work and additional features.

In this article, we look at the functionality of ITop VPN. As from reviews, it is an excellent service that will protect your data from your browsing session.

Without spending much time, let us look at how well iTop ranks in this element.


iTop Is Accessible For Free

The first area we will look at is acquiring the services of this VPN. It is a free VPN; thus, you access its services without having to pay. The good thing with this attribute is iTop gives you access to many features, ranking high among similar tools.

Another fantastic thing about iTop is that it is very versatile. You can have it for your PC or mobile devices. For mobile use, there is a version for both Android and iOS run smartphones. Downloading is a fast process, especially if you have reliable internet.

Additionally, iTop is a light utility that is economical on your device’s storage.

The Premium Plans

While iTop prides itself on being the best free VPN for Windows, it has premium plans for those who want to unlock more of its features. When you go premium with this VPN, you explore a more diverse side of its functionality.

There are three premium packages to pick from, which are the 1-month, 6-month, and yearly plans. Highlighted below are some of the features you access by going premium.

  • Access over 1800 servers worldwide.
  • Ten times faster connectivity.
  • Enhanced browser privacy.
  • Blockage of ads and trackers.

Moreover, you get an 80% discount when you opt for the yearly plan, giving you an incredible deal.

Additional Features of iTop VPN

The following are additional features of iTop VPN that you will appreciate.

Kill Switch

The kill switch feature acts as an internet connectivity monitor. Should the VPN stop working, the kill switch automatically blocks all internet traffic. It is essential for your browsing privacy, as it prevents data leaks. It will have your back until the VPN service gets restored.

VPN Network Solutions

ITop is a reliable VPN for Windows, evident from its various network solutions. It covers different browsing scenarios, like internet surfing, privacy protection, streaming, gaming services, and accessing blocked networks, like those in schools.

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IP Address Checker

There is also an IP address checker, which you use to check on your PC’s IP address. Besides the address, you also see the location, latitude, longitude, and associated postal address. Furthermore, you can hide the IP address.

Also, there is an affiliate program where you can benefit from referring clients to the VPN service.

Final Words

ITop VPN is an excellent utility to have for secure browsing. One of its attributes that will amaze you is its functionality. This piece takes an in-depth look at this element, further showing you how amazing it is.

If you want to have a smooth browsing session, download this VPN service, which is available for free.

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