How To Raise A Complaint In Twitter is that your question? Whether you want to complain against twitter or a company using social media handles like twitter is on trending and very easy to reach whether it is a multinational company, organization or twitter own

Here are some method to raise a compliant in twitter:


Using #compliants hashtag on twitter

Using this Hashtag, you can make your complaint publicly available if anybody has the same problem, they can retweet it.

You can also follow the hashtag so if they got the answer you can check.

Complain using company name

You can complain using #company name to attract them so fast. Some times they can contact you in under 10 minutes

Isn’t better that contact their support?

Submit a ticket to twitter

Complaint In Twitter

If you have any problem related to twitter or its service you can submit a ticket on the twitter help center or to raise Complaint In Twitter

They can reach you via your connected email accounts .

Five rules to complain using twitter

Keep it specific

Use @company username – Many companies has a custom twitter feed for their customer you can find them when you start typing the company name.

Keep it Brief

Keep your complaint short and brief, don’t write it like an essay. Don’t use more than 280 characters. One strong message is likely to be retweeted more.


Don’t use abusive content or irrelevant material. Write down a strong message about your complaints.

Keep it going

If you don’t get response on your complain.Then add the lack of response in your subject next time

Keep it public

Don’t agree to divert to direct messaging. You might as well email or phone.

Make your complain strong so people can love retweet them

useful to complain to someone with tons of Twitter followers who could also be influential. “I am having a true problem of AAA with @company about BBB. What can I do?”

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As more and more folks use Twitter to complain, it’s going to in time subsided usefully. But the very fact it’s public and has the potential to travel viral and embarrass the firm, maybe a massive advantage over all other ways of complaining.We hope that we able to solve the query Complaint In Twitter

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Hope it helps you.

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