WhatsApp Web and Desktop offer you all the features of the messaging app, with the convenience of a full-size keyboard and screen.

As your WhatsApp account is linked to your number, it’s not really surprising that it’s thought of first and foremost as a mobile app. While this is often fine for messaging on the move, when you’re sitting at your desktop or laptop, it often pains to possess to modify between devices as you bounce between working or browsing the online and maintaining together with your chats.

Well, you will be pleased to listen to that there’s an alternative; you’ll use WhatsApp on your computer.

In fact, there is more than one way to do this, so you can try them out and choose which works best for you. There are desktop apps available for both Windows and macOS, but there’s also a web-based version of WhatsApp if you do not want to put in this. WhatsApp Web is additionally an excellent option if your using Linux or Chrome OS and do not have the posh of a fanatical app.
Whichever route you go down, the experience is extremely similar, and it’s not very far faraway from the way the mobile version of WhatsApp work. So, let’s take a glance and see the way to start with WhatsApp Web.

You can download the app here


Download the desktop app

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Before you start, you would like to form sure that you simply have WhatsApp installed and dealing properly on your iPhone or Android handset – you’ll grab the app from the App Store or Google Play if you do not yet have it. With this done, you will need to download the desktop app for either Windows or macOS, and you will find download links on the WhatsApp website. WhatsApp Desktop also can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store or the Mac App Store.

Connect to your phone to use whatsapp web

Whether you download the app from a store, or directly from WhatsApp, once you’ve got installed and launched WhatsApp Desktop you will need to attach it to your phone – you are doing not sign into the app within the way you would possibly expect. When you first launch the app on your computer, you will be greeted by a QR code.

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Launch WhatsApp on your phone, tap the three-dot setting menu, and choose WhatsApp Web. Point your phone camera at the QR code and you will be logged into your account.

WhatsApp on the web

You will have noticed within the previous step that the menu option you employ to attach to your account is labeled WhatsApp Web instead of WhatsApp Desktop. This is because there’s also an internet site that permits you to use WhatsApp during a desktop browser.

It works in very much the same way as the desktop app, and you can find it by heading here. The process of setting up and using the web and desktop version of the chat tool is the same.

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Finding contacts

As soon as you scan the QR code, the WhatsApp Desktop (or WhatsApp Web) will synchronize together with your phone and you will see equivalent contacts and messages as you’ll on your phone. You can continue a talk that’s already underway by clicking the name of your contact within the list to the left.

If you can’t see the person you’re looking for or you want to start a chat with someone new, type the name in the search bar and click it in the results that appear.

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Sending messages

With a contact selected, messaging may be a simple matter of typing within the text box to the lower right of the window and hitting Enter. If you hover your mouse over a message you’ll access a menu that allows you to forward, star, or reply to a selected message.

You’ll find it much faster to type together with your keypad instead of your phone’s touchscreen, and you continue to have access to extras like emoji and GIFs. Click the smiley face button to the left of the message box and you will find a variety of emoji, GIFs and stickers to adorn your messages. You can either flick through what’s available, or use the search box to seek out something quickly.

Sending pictures and files

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You’re not limited to only text in your messages; WhatsApp Desktop also allows you to send files. Click the paperclip icon at the upper right of talk, and you’ll choose from differing types of attachment. The ‘Photos & Videos’ icon allows you to add files you’ve already got stored on your disk drive, but you’ll also use the camera button to require new shots. You also have the choice of sending documents (any other sort of file) or contact information from the attachment menu.

Group chats and audio messages

Just as on your phone, you’ll use group chats to speak with multiple people at an equivalent time. Click the ‘+’ button at the top of your list of contacts, and then click New Group. Click the names of everyone you’d wish to include, click the green arrow then assign a reputation and movie to the group.

It’s not possible to conduct voice calls with WhatsApp Web, but you’ll click the microphone button within the message box to record and send a sound recording whether in a group or individual chats.

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Configuring app and profile settings

The three-dot menu above your list of contacts is where you’ll access various settings. Click ‘Profile’ to vary your profile picture, or change your name or other details.

You can also use the menu to access your starred messages or archived chats also on change app settings. For instance, you’ll change what the app should notify you about, change the background color for chats, and choose whether WhatsApp Desktop should launch once you start your computer – which is a great idea.

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