Do you want to build something in Minecraft? Don’t know how to make concrete in Minecraft?

I will tell you in a very simple way

Concrete is a bright and important building block in Minecraft, vibrant like wool, but it is inflammable, unlike wool. To make concrete first, we need to craft concrete powder.


Material needed to make concrete in Minecraft

  • Four Sand Blocks
  • Four Gravel blocks
  • 1 color of your choice
  • Water bucket

Choosing Dye

You can choose from 16 types of dyes available in Minecraft. There are many things to craft dye. Like You can craft black dye from ink sacs, blue from Lapiz, white dye from bones, yellow from sunflower, and red from roses. Some colors can be crafted by combining a white dye with a dye of different colors.

Concrete Powder Crafting Recipe

Now to make concrete powder, place four sand blocks, four gravel blocks, and your chosen dye in the crafting table.

Screen Shot 2020 08 03 at 5.03.16 AM
Minecraft crafing table

Now you will get 8 pieces of concrete powder from four sand blocks, four gravel blocks, and dye. Now the final stage of this process.

Make Concrete in Minecraft from Concrete Powder

Now find water near you and fill your water bucket by right-clicking in water or LT button in Xbox. Now place your premade concrete powder in the ground, pour water from your bucket using right-clicking on the block, or press the LT button(Xbox). You can also place concrete powder in water.

When Concrete powder comes in contact with water, it will instantly turn into concrete. You cannot use water from rain, cauldrons, or water bottles.

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